In fact, reverse engineering is the knowledge of designing and rebuilding parts from existing patterns and examples. For the full implementation of such projects, engineering knowledge and at the same time experience in manufacturing and production is very important. Engineering knowledge is mostly related to the software part, which includes preparing a three-dimensional model from a piece or cloud of points. In this field, Faragaman Sanat Paydar Company is ready to convert all parts and samples into models using CATIA and Solidworks software after creating cloud points by using experienced personnel.

In other words, reverse engineering is a science that reach from the answers to the question and in fact, is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, part or system that is obtained by analyzing its structure and function. In most cases, the subject matter is a mechanical, electrical, software program, or a biological or chemical substance that Without previous knowledge and only by separating the components and analyzing its operation, it tries to create a new example of it.

Reasons for using reverse engineering:

● Reverse engineering of a device from an external sample, examining how a product works, It consists of what components, and estimating the costs of localization and internal construction

● Optimization of machinery or equipment from existing foreign samples

● Gaining technical knowledge of product design

● Optimization of the production line and increase of production efficiency

● Obtaining sensitive information such as the material of parts of a part or product with the help of disassembly (disassembly) and material analysis

● Scientific and educational goals, such as preparing an illustrated guide to repairs or assembly and disassembly

Services that can be provided by sustainable industry leaders in the field of reverse engineering:

● Reverse engineering of all types of machining machines, assembly required by related industries along with preparation of three-dimensional models of tolerated executive drawings

● Reverse engineering of various parts, mechanisms and spindles along with the preparation of tolerated executive drawings