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● Contribute to the national economy by increasing production efficiency.

● Increasing the profitability and competitiveness of domestic manufacturing companies.

● Upgrading the position of engineering dash and strengthening power and role-playing.

● Transfer of modern engineering technologies to the country and termination of dependence abroad.

● Manufacturing high quality production machinery and equipment in the country.

● Increasing energy efficiency in order to protect national resources.

Design and manufacture of machines for machining, assembly and transfer of materials along:

● Improving production processes, especially in the metal cutting and assembly industries.

● Increase production speed.

● Improving the quality of parts being machined.

● More personnel safety.

● Reducing energy consumption.

● Reduce material waste and time.

Faragaman Sanat Paydar Company has succeeded in obtaining a research and development license as well as a license for technical engineering services from the Ministry of industry department by creating a research and development unit are defined in this department.

All projects related to the company's basic products in this unit are defined, designed, analyzed and prototyped and after dimensional and functional tests are presented to customers as the company's current products.

Standards & after-sales service

In order to produce its products, this company has collected a complete set of standards related to its field of activity from reputable standard institutions, such as DIN, ISO, BST, ANSI, GOST, etc that Generally, the production of most standard parts related to machine tools, spindle units, index tables, etc. is done based on these valid standards, which is the reason why the parts involved with standard tool holders are standard.

All products and services of Faragaman Sanat Paydar Company have a warranty for 1 year from the time of sale, and this company is committed to repair any defects for free as soon as possible, or to replace them if necessary.

Also, after the end of the warranty period, they have after-sales service for 5 years. For this purpose, esteemed customers can announce their requests to the company by phone or in writing.