: Introduction of  Company


Faragaman Sanat Paydar Company has started its activities since 2009 by targeting the market of parts and assembly manufacturers, especially in industries related to the field of automobile manufacturing

Utilizing the knowledge and experience of top professors, exemplary veterans and experts, this company strives to provide technically and qualitatively differentiated services to achieve the maximum possible productivity by reducing production time, increasing production circulation, reducing manpower. Need to reduce the required work space, reduce energy consumption and uniformity of products to contribute to the sustainable development of these industries

The company has focused its main activities in the following areas by separating specialized working groups

● Design and manufacture of machining transfer machines (horizontal vertical) 4 to 12 stations

● Design and manufacture of machine tools

● Design and manufacture of automatic assembly devices

● Design and manufacture of various machining spindle units

● Design and manufacture of control panels for special machines

● Design and manufacture of special and composite machining fixtures


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